Moab Toy Taxi about

Moab Toy Taxi about

As a lifelong dirt biker, classic car enthusiast, and now UTV fanatic, I have always owned lots of toys. 

I created Moab Toy Taxi with the intention of helping other enthusiasts transport their most precious toys safely and in style.  Moab Toy Taxi has what it takes. Got a boat? A bike? A dog? Group of five or less?  Moab Toy Taxi has you covered. 

I started riding mountain bikes in Moab in 1992.  Ugh.No suspension.  Everything broke.  But it was completely awesome.  It is the mountain biking capital of the world. The bummer?  Most of the must-do trails are too far from town to do a loop ride.  You need vehicle support.  Moab Toy Taxi currently has an F350 Super Duty pickup that can handle five passengers and bikes if the route requires 4WD.  

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I immediately discovered that these same visitors frequently needed traditional taxi services. A quick trip downtown for dinner? A ride to Red Cliffs Lodge? Need to go to Salt Lake City? How about a guaranteed round trip for dinner and drinks?  Only a fool drinks and drives in Moab.  Moab toy Taxi can handle most, if not all, of your transportation needs while visiting Southern Utah.  

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It turns out that these visitors had one thing in common:  everyone wants to see Dead Horse Point State Park.  I can’t argue.  You can’t come to Moab and not go to Dead Horse Point. It is spectacular. Unfortunately, the experience requires a vehicle.  It doesn’t work for walking or biking.  It is a wonderful way to spend a sunrise or sunset.  

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